• Charge up your Day!

    Intelligent eMobility charging solutions from MENNEKES.

    Charge up your Day!

    Intelligent eMobility charging solutions from MENNEKES.

The future drives electric. Intelligent eMobility charging solutions from MENNEKES

Charge Up Your Day! This is our answer to one of the most exciting questions of the present: How can electric mobility be implemented? MENNEKES already has suitable solutions and the infrastructure for the mobility of the future, today! Right from the start we have significantly participated in shaping this pioneering development. And we continue to drive green mobility forward. eMobility from MENNEKES offers charging solutions for all areas of life, perfectly adapted to customer needs and in private life and in the public sphere. Quiet, clean and emission-free. Everything from a single source. Charge where life is happening and the car is parked: at home, at work, and the car park, in front of the restaurant, at the hotel, or in the city. For all situations and individual requirements MENNEKES has a suitable charging solution and charges up your day.

We are sure: The future belongs to eMobility. Consequently, today MENNEKES already stands for technically mature, anticipatory and practical charging solutions. At this point in time MENNEKES has installed more than 15,500 charging points trouble-free, of which more than 5000 are network capable systems. In this regard we offer more than a product: consulting, hardware as well as data management, commissioning, and extending to service and maintenance.

Thanks to our exemplary automotive competence we develop vehicle inlets and charging cables for the automobile industry. By the way: The charging plug ("Type 2") developed by MENNEKES is the standard plug for charging electric vehicles in Europe.

We know: The infrastructure for a new age motion is already being created. We will not only be more inexpensively on the go, but rather we will enjoy each trip and in the process protect the environment. These are moving times for all those for whom moving from A to B is more than just motion. Charge Up Your Day!

The suitable charging solution for every requirement.

​If you want to be a pioneer in the area of eMobility, you should also be advised by a pioneer and Pathfinder in this area. Regardless what requirements you have – there is a suitable charging solution! With MENNEKES you have a strong partner at your side in the area of eMobility: From initial consulting to selection and installation and extending to the commissioning of your charging system. We accompany you through the entire process.

I pay attention to profitability and sustainability.
Our fleet drives electric.
As a modern city, we have to provide charging infrastructure!
Soon as self-evident as WiFi in the room.
Charging while eating? Is for me good service.
Parking and charging belong together for me.
eMobility charging solutions make my property more valuable.